TRIBE, while fitting for the community we are cultivating was simply not giving what it was originally intended to give. As owners of a collective public space, it is our responsibility to represent the action, and environment we seek to grow in the best way possible.

After reading some scholarly journals debating on whether the word tribe is offensive or not, I personally came to the conclusion that regardless of our indigenous ancestry, I simply did not feel comfortable using the name anymore. More than that, it again did not align with what we, here, at BLCK BTTM truly encompass.

The name BLCK BTTM came to me in a sort of daydream and is representative of an intersection between contemporary literature, Black historical art, and the cultural ties of food as a tool to cultivate community.

The literature influence comes from Toni Morrison's novel 'Sula', where a Black community known as the Bottom thrives in the face of white supremacy and resistance.

In the 1920s, at the height of the Jazz Age, The Black Bottom dance created by rural Black southerners became a hit when it made its way to mainstream American culture, and Ma Rainey titled a song after it.

Lastly, food has always been an expression of love, and community. So much so that any nana's pot is crisp to its core at the bottom because of its overuse and durability. While the bottom of a cup of coffee, the last drop seemingly the tastiest, knowing you'll be able to start your day off full of good energy leaves a residue that, of course, is Black at the Bottom. 

Welcome to our new space, nothing has changed except our name. We hope you feel the love, respect, and intention behind our vision, our goals, and our actions.